C.A.R. Business Products

Stay top-of-mind with clients by giving them a branded digital user guide, specific to their home. Sponsor Centriq and your branding will be displayed exclusively and prominently in the app. Just take a photo of the label on anything with an “ on ” switch and Centriq does the rest. Visit CentriqHome.com/CAR to learn more. Create flawless VR & 3D tours with an award-winning do-it-yourself 3D tour software tool. The affordable and easy-to-use guided app will help you shoot, produce, and share a polished and professional 3D enabled virtual property tour in minutes. Check out special pricing options at immoviewer.com/CAR. Leads made simple with Facebook! Run targeted Facebook ad campaigns using the proprietary Likely Mover Profile to display your ads to qualified people in the area. When a prospect clicks on the ad the user becomes your lead with immediate notifications. All for less than the cost of a postcard mailing. Visit JustListed.Social/CAR to learn more. Automate your daily tasks that slow down your business so you can focus on the things that matter. Realvolve offers a highly customizable intelligence engine that goes beyond traditional CRMs. A revolutionary way to do business and designed specifically for real estate. For more information, visit Realvolve.com/car WITH OUR PRODUCTS AND EDUCATIONAL COURSES FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE CAREER! store.car.org Find homes that are ready to sell now! ReboGateway saves you time and money when prospecting. This handy tool allows you to search properties with life events that trigger the sale of a property. To find your next listing, go to ReboGateway.com/CAR